15 Ways to Color Your Easter Eggs Without Using Dye

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15 Ways to Color Your Easter Eggs Without Using Dye

Are you getting ready for The Big Day?!?  The day your kids have spent the last year waiting for?  The day that you get all of your eggs boiled and decorated?  Here are some great alternatives to dress up those eggs without using Easter Egg Dye.




2. Do you want a no mess way for your little one to help?  Use a baggie and acrylic paint!



glow eggs 0


4. Did you know you could color eggs with Kool-Aid?  The colors are amazing!



5. Use what Mother Nature has given us to make natural dyes for your eggs.



6. These are just beautiful and take some patience, but so worth the wait.  Have you ever seen a silk dyed egg?

silk eggs


7. Have you thought of using an onion to dye your eggs?  I’m sure you have one right in your pantry!  Aren’t they beautiful?!

onion skin dyed easter eggs


8. What about just grabbing a Sharpie and go to town!



9. I’ve decided that Washi Tape is awesome!  These are so fun and anyone can decorate them!





11. Do you love Chalk Paint?!  Use it for your eggs!



12. tie-dye your eggs using nail polish!

nail polish egg decorating


13. These bunny eggs are so cute!  With stickers you have so many options!



14. Make your own confetti to decorate your eggs!

confetti eggs 2


Disney Eggsb


 Now get to creating some amazing looking Easter Eggs!


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